Vail Bello

Board Member

Vail has over 4 decades of experience and service in the field of Public Safety. He began his career in Law Enforcement in Petaluma in 1981, and over the course of his career was a training officer, SWAT Team leader, Sergeant and Investigations Supervisor. After Vail went to the Sonoma County Sheriffs Department in 1995 he held numerous positions, finishing his career as a Tactical Flight Officer on Henry-1, the departments helicopter unit. Vail has also been a volunteer firefighter since 1995. Upon retiring, Vail spent 18 years in the private sector, managing personal affairs and providing protection and logistics support for the principals of an international financial firm. Since again retiring in 2020, Vail has been working in a local restaurant as a brand ambassador, maitreā€™d and manager. He has been married for over 34 years to Tonia, and they are the proud parents of 2 adult children.